About Tania Grasseschi

Tania Grasseschi is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She specialises in Women's health transforming menstrual and menopausal problems, improving fertility, supporting pregnant and post natal women. She practices in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. "I love working with Chinese medicine because it is such a wonderful balance of the science of medicine and the art of healing"

Nourishing Fish Soup

This nourishing and energising fish soup has been adapted from a wonderful cook book called Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen. It is especially good for anyone who wants to increase vitality including people who want to replenish their reproductive system, including women going through menopause, those recovering from an illness, as well as the elderly. This [...]

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How will the Year of the Rooster affect your health?

Jan 28, 2017 ushers in the year of the Fire Rooster. What does that mean for you and your health this year? Yin and Yang and the 5 Phases play key roles in Chinese Medicine. Yin is often described as the shadow side of the mountain and is a cooling, calming, moistening energy and Yang [...]

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The Secret to turning MenoPause into a New Beginning

With summer coming and hot weather predicted many women I know are not looking forward to a season of hot flushes and night sweats. More and more studies, however, are showing that acupuncture reduces hot flushes and night sweats during menopause In today’s society, one that worships youth, turning 50 is often seen as [...]

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5 great tips for managing hay fever this spring

Spring is upon us with the equinox due around September 21st. For many this marks the beginning of hay fever season and an unpleasant time ahead. As well as the arrival of spring, increasing pollution and chemicals in our environment is leading to a rise in the number of people who suffer various forms [...]

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How healthy is your bowel?

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and according to Bowel Cancer Australia it is the second most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia affecting both men and women almost equally and is Australia's second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer. They also state that "it is estimated that changes in diet and physical [...]

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Can acupuncture really help with Type 2 Diabetes?

April 7, 2016 is World Health Day and this year the theme is "Beat Diabetes". Insulin is the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. When your body becomes resistant to the normal effects of insulin or gradually loses the capacity to produce enough insulin in the pancreas the result is [...]

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Your health in the Year of the Monkey

Feb 8, 2016 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yang Red Fire Monkey. The Monkey is a strong Metal energy so this year will feel autumnal. There will be a sense of turning inwards and letting go and, according to Chinese medicine, metal governs organization, communication, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. [...]

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How to Alkalise for Great Health – Part III

People often ask for an easy detox you can do between Christmas and New Year so that you are bursting with energy for all that the new year has to offer. Try to find at least 10 days around this time when you can do the following and you’ll feel fantastic Swap out acidic red [...]

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How to Alkalize for Great Health – Part II

Part I of this topic was written many years ago and recently reposted because of the interest in this topic by Marie Claire Australia. I thought I would take the opportunity of Festive season indulgences to expand upon the idea of how you could start 2016 feeling fantastic.   The bottom line is that it  is [...]

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How to Alkalize for Great Health – Part I

The easiest way to test whether your body is too acidic or sufficiently alkaline is by testing your saliva pH. When your saliva pH is alkaline, then the  transit time for food through your digestive tract is at a slower more normal pace. This allows your body to better absorb the nutrients from the food you [...]

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