HSC, TAFE, College and Uni exams, Driving tests, Report Deadlines – Everywhere you turn it seems you or your   children are being called to action and some of us just don’t perform well under pressure. Don’t mention the word exam and you can answer any question, and without a deadline the report almost writes itself. Formalise the setting and suddenly your mind is blank. You can’t sleep; you either lose your appetite completely (too nauseous to eat),
or eat everything in sight; weighed down by expectations, those we have of ourselves coupled with those we believe others have of us, and a foreboding sense of anxiety prevails. Ohhhhh the pressure!

How would you like to be able to get a good night’s sleep before an exam or a major deadline, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go knowing you will be able to think clearly about all that you have calmly worked on over the days leading up to this one? Well you can!

Stress is simply our emotions pushed into overdrive. Oriental medicine sees the body, mind and emotions as an integrated whole. Our thoughts and feelings interact directly on our internal organs and the state of our body directly affects our thoughts and feelings. Each emotion that we feel has a specific impact on the nature of the energy that flows through our body. Anger makes energy rise; we often see angry cartoon characters with steam coming out of their ears and know exactly how they feel. Worry knots the energy and affects the digestion; it’s hard to nourish yourself with a knot in your stomach.   Sadness dissolves energy and affects the lungs; we are often unable to breath deeply or take in anything new and fresh when we are mourning for that which has passed. Fear makes energy descend; you can’t think straight when there is no energy in your head and you feel as though your very foundation has been rocked. Excessive excitement over stimulates the heart and it is only when the heart is calm that we are able to relax enough to sleep deeply and restore our senses.

Oriental Medicine restores the subtle balance in the energy of the body, mind and spirit thereby treating and preventing a wide-range of disorders, emotional and physical, in both adults and children.   Acupuncture restores the natural flow of qi by stimulating points along the body’s energy meridians. Chinese Herbal Medicine is used in conjunction with acupuncture to support and nourish the body or to clear disease pathogens. This combination is very effective in alleviating the repercussions of stress and, by strengthening your very core, these trigger events need no longer distress you. You are now empowered to realise your full potential!

Tania loves working with emotional rebalancing using Esoteric Acupuncture. Book in for a session today and see how much better you feel.

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