Tania’s Wholistic Network

Tania recommends a number of local practitioners who provide services that support a wholistic approach to your health.

Dental health

Looking for a person-centred, mind-body approach to dental health? Integrated Dental Health’s award-winning dentistry could be the perfect fit. Their revolutionary focus on dental anxiety and multidisciplinary approaches to health can help patients achieve optimal oral health plus peace of body and mind. It’s an approach underpinned by the belief that no part of the whole person works in isolation to another. As well as exceptional dentistry, their innovative services include testing for sensitivity to dental materials and a wonderful comfort menu. Their biocompatible materials mean your smile transformation will be easy on your body. Give them a try. You may find you love your dentist after all! Award winning dentist for innovation in the field!

Feng Shui

Sometimes your home can be contributing to your problems so rearrange your environment to ensure harmony, prosperity and happiness in all aspects of your life and gain insight into your vulnerabilities and potentials to see the bigger picture of life.

  1. Ana Brandao  provides excellent Feng Shui and Astrology Consultations
  2. Use this Space Cleanse Technique regularly to cleanse the energy of your home


Still your mind, manage your stress and increase self-knowledge and self-awareness with any form of meditation

  1. Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre 
  2. Vipassana Meditation Centre – Blackheath
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. Smiling Mind App

Mind Body Spirit Alignment

Mind body spirit alignment incorporates mediumship, channelling, empathic skills and neuro-training kinesiology. Sommer has been in touch with spirit all of her life, now as a neuro-training kinesiologist she is able to bring together a modality that is truly unique. She will support and guide you through blockages and energy shifts with a gentle process that will enable you to align and connect with a lighter, truer version of yourself. She will also help you navigate life with more understanding and insight. With clarity you can bring your manifestations to life. Sommer’s treatments are gentle, insightful and transformative. She is also available for remote sessions

Mortgage Broker

High financial stress and concerns over debt are associated with an increased risk for many health conditions. Danielle Stokes believes in your financial dreams and goals and can assist you to achieve them through easy, stress-free loan solutions.

Neuro-Trainer / Kinesiologist

I find the combination of Kinesiology plus Acupuncture gets amazing results when there is a mental or emotional issue that blocks healing at the physical level. I have been referring clients to Deborah Beers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for many years because I love the wonderful techniques and strategies that she offers, her amazing workshops and of course the great results I see in my clients. She is also available for remote sessions.


Some of the lovely photographs on this website and in my newsletters were taken by Vixpix Photography.  Vicki Hannan is a PD/H/PE & Expressive Arts teacher not only capturing those moments in nature but also capturing your life’s events. If you need a great photographer for a special event in your life then get in touch with Vicki.

Proppr – the essential bathroom footrest

Your bowel habits are a strong indicator of your digestive health. As humans we are designed to squat in order to eliminate properly. I highly recommend using the PROPPR, a stylish, award-winning toilet stool which helps make going to the loo for a #2 easier, quicker and more complete. Contact me for more information.

Web design

Do you like this website? It was designed by Guy Jeffrey, director of Sol Design. Guy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always so very helpful with great ideas and talented with his designs. Check him out for your website, print, and logo work.

Zazen Alkaline Water

Staying hydrated is not just about drinking enough water throughout the day it’s also about the quality of the water you drink. I love the Zazen alkaline water system  because it not only takes out the nasties  (cleaned of toxins, bad bacteria and chemicals) but it is also mineral and electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, and naturally energised for better cellular hydration. Contact me for more information.