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Physical pain is a common occurrence for many and accounts for 7 of the top 10 conditions for which people use acupuncture. Say goodbye to pain

Common Pain

Back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches and migraine, recurring pain

Other Pain

Sports injuries, sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfers elbow, RSI, restless leg syndrome, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, post surgery including  scar work.

If your pain is severe or acute it is best to have 2-3 treatments per week initially. Once the pain is reduced and the injury is responding well, weekly treatments are sufficient until you are pain free.

A little more about Aches and Pain

Pain is a feeling triggered by the nervous system. It may be sharp or dull, off-and-on or steady, localized (such as back pain) or all over (such as muscle aches from the flu). Usually, pain is there to alert us to injuries and illnesses that need attention. Although pain usually goes away once the underlying problem is addressed, it can last for weeks, months, or even years.

Every part of your musculoskeletal system is traversed by the network of energy channels of Oriental medicine. Most of the common signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders are due to a stagnation of, or obstruction to, the circulation of Qi and blood in these channels. This reduced circulation can lead to pain, stiffness, reduced range of movement, tension, swelling and heat sensations within the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

When Dr. Mirkin wrote his Sportsmedicine Book in 1978, he coined the term RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for the treatment of athletic injuries. Ice has been a standard treatment for injuries and sore muscles because it helps to relieve pain caused by injured tissue. However, there is no reason to apply ice more than 6 hours after your injury as it now appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping. A summary of 22 scientific articles found almost no evidence that ice and compression hastened healing over the use of compression alone (The American Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2004).

After any injury treatment options include Acupuncture (there is strong evidence to support the use of acupuncture for chronic low back pain, headaches, knee osteoarthritis, migraine prophylaxis, and post-operative pain. There is moderate evidence for various other types of pain), Moxibustion (eliminates cold and damp), Massage (increases circulation), Hot Packs (increases circulation and relaxes muscle spasms), Cupping (disperses accumulations of qi and blood), Plasters and Liniments (ready-made for bruises, sprains, and strains).

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