Chinese New Year begins on Jan 22 this year and the energy of the Yin Water Rabbit emerges on Feb 4. Gong hei fat choy / Gōng xǐ fā cái – wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity for the year ahead.

To make the most of this year, and achieve good health, happiness and prosperity more easily, you need to understand what it means to be in a Yin year with a water rabbit hopping through your life.

Yin is described as the shady side of the mountain and is a cooling, calming energy that tends to be reflective and introspective. It is about resting, connecting to mother earth and your inner stillness as well as feeling safe, held, and nurtured. As Yin water is the most yin of energies there will be a gentleness and softness to the year that should make it a much calmer year than 2022.

In relation to the 5 phases of Chinese medicine (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) this year is a combination of water and wood, similar to 2022. 2023 flows with the energy of water while the Rabbit hops with the energy of wood. This is a very supportive combination of energies as water nourishes wood so there will be a prospering, growing, and expanding energy to the year but in a gentler way than last year. The nature of wood is to change, it is the energy of spring and new growth and transformation. The nature of water is to flow and accept change so transitions can be easier.

In terms of health we are looking at Liver (wood) and Kidney / adrenal (water) issues again this year, just like we did with the water tiger energy last year. However, as it is a yin year you need to focus more on balance and harmony and pay as much attention to your emotional wellbeing as to your physical health.

Water energy is very much about emotion and the primary emotion of the kidneys is fear. The gift of fear is to help you orient to change, to be present and listen to your intuition. If you find the waves of emotions too much at any time, try grounding and spending time in nature to support yourself through any fear that arises.

Your kidneys are your powerhouse so the best way to support them is by ensuring you get a good 8 hours of sleep each night and pace yourself through your day and your week. If you have trouble sleeping try acupuncture. The rabbit moves quickly but also takes time to rest so this is a great year to look at finding a balance between being and doing, rest and activity in your life.

The Rabbit, radiating the energy of wood, corresponds with the Liver which is responsible for the free flow of energy through your body. When your liver energy becomes stuck, or you feel frustrated or overwhelmed your digestion can be affected. Movement is the best way to get your liver energy flowing again and being a yin year choose gentle exercises like Qigong, Tai Chi and yin styles of yoga. Acupuncture can also help strengthen your digestion and keep your Liver energy flowing freely.

The best foods to support your kidneys can be found here.  Your liver will enjoy steamed greens like Chinese greens and silver beet as well as more sour and fermented foods like starting the day with a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar. Dandelion tea is a delicious detox for your liver and goji berry tea is a tasty tea to nourish your liver. The liver is affected by too much caffeine, alcohol, and deep fried, fatty foods as well as stress. A self care strategy for managing stress and calming your nervous system is with breathing techniques such as box breathing – long slow deep belly breaths in for 4sec, hold for 2 sec, out for 4 sec, and hold for 2 sec. If that doesn’t work then try some acupuncture to release stress.

Often when we think of rabbits, we think of fertility and this can be as much about new project and ideas as babies. As the kidney energy rules fertility and the liver energy rules planning, strategizing, and organising this is a great year to put your dreams into action.

In summary, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit is a time to find balance between doing and being, making sure you get enough rest to support your adrenals, enough exercise to keep the wood energy flowing and nourishing yourself with good food so your body has the resources it need hop through the whole year. This is the year to take care of your emotional wellbeing, and to remember that self care is a necessity not a luxury.

If you feel you would like help tuning into your calm yin side, creating better flow through your body or hopping into great health then book an acupuncture appointment today.

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