Jan 28, 2017 ushers in the year of the Fire Rooster. What does that mean for you and your health this year?

Yin and Yang and the 5 Phases play key roles in Chinese Medicine. Yin is often described as the shadow side of the mountain and is a cooling, calming, moistening energy and Yang is described as the sunny side of the mountain and is a warming, active, drying energy. The 5 phases (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) correspond to the different organs, seasons, tastes, emotions and more. These phases all work together to nourish one another or keep each other in check.

From this perspective the Rooster corresponds with the Metal energy and 2017 radiates the energy of Fire. This is a similar situation to last year (Year of the Monkey) but this year you have the softening effect of it being a Yin/calm year rather than last year’s full on Yang/active energy.  Also the Rooster, while being metal like the Monkey, carries a very different energy. Last year the mischievous monkey played havoc with our lives, this year the Rooster is about waking up to ourselves and shining a light on whatever we have tucked away in the shadows. “A person is whole only when they take into account their shadow.” – Djuna Barnes

If you have ever spent time in the country you will, more than likely, have been woken before the sunrise by a rooster. This year the Rooster energy is encouraging you to wake up and watch the sun rise – physically or metaphorically depending on where you are at in life. This can be an inspiring time of day and is a perfect time for meditating and setting your intention for the day ahead. The Rooster wants you to watch that beautiful ball of fire pop over the horizon and shed light over everything, especially any challenges you might be facing, bringing them out of the shadows so you can address them gently and easily. The Rooster, in Chinese astrology, embraces honesty so this year is going to be about expressing and living your truth with a mind open to seeing all possibilities.

The Rooster/Metal phase corresponds with the Lung energy and the 2017/Fire phase corresponds with the Heart energy. The Fire and Metal phases are about keeping each other in check but doing it softly and gently in this Yin year.  The emotion that corresponds with the Metal phase is sadness and often when we are sad it is hard to breathe deeply. Since the metal organ is the lung, deep belly breathing can help you to breathe through your sadness and release those tears you have held onto for far too long. It takes a lot of energy to hold on so let it go, allow your tears to cleanse you and free up your energy so you can focus more on the simple pleasures in life. The emotion that corresponds with Fire is Joy and as you take time to count your blessings you might find your sadness begin to dissolve. What you focus on grows so do something each day to lift your spirits and grow your joy, and commit regular random acts of kindness to pass that joy forward and lift the spirit of others who are struggling to see their blessings.

The Fire energy is all about your Heart and the physical health of your heart will reflect the Joy you cultivate in your life. In Chinese medicine when your Heart energy is out of balance you might struggle with insomnia or anxiety, chest pains or palpitations, excessive sweating or poor circulation.

Do you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed every day? Do you wish you could? Clinical studies show that acupuncture may have a beneficial effect on insomnia compared with Western medication. A good night’s sleep can make a world of difference to so many aspects of your life. When you have the energy life doesn’t feel so hard and it becomes easier to go with flow. When you are chronically tired anxiety can start to build and you might experience palpitations. Studies in this area also suggest very real, positive outcomes using acupuncture to relieve anxiety.

Is sweating, especially in the heat we have recently been experiencing, a problem for you? Acupuncture can help you keep your cool and dry you out whether you sweat from nerves, menopause or just because. I have had great success in reducing menopausal hot flushes and night sweats with acupuncture.

Acupuncture is most well known for treating pain and chest pain is no exception. How would you feel if you didn’t have to deal with aches and pains every day? Imagine what you could accomplish.

If you are dealing with any of these issues call your local acupuncturist now and before you know it you will have created a year filled with great health and welbeing.

Your feedback and questions are always welcome so please leave a comment below.

For further information on Chinese Medicine  contact  Tania Grasseschi (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Wholefood counselling).    Tania is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine  (AHPRA  registered) in  Kingsford  and  is a Contract Academic  at the  Endeavour College of Natural Health  Sydney campus.