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Oriental medicine treatments are a wonderful form of stress management and can not only revitalise your energy, boost your immunity and greatly improve your quality of life but can also support you through caffeine and nicotine withdrawal or times of grief.

By restoring balance at the physical level healing can occur at the emotional level. Similarly, by investigating our current emotional condition we are able to make links to physical imbalances that appear and address these at a deep and lasting level.

A little more about Stress and Anxiety

Exams, deadlines, finances and relationships – everywhere you turn you and your children are being called to action. Studies have shown that stress can suppress your immune system and challenging times can result in anxiety, palpitations, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, digestive upset, headaches, chronic fatigue and more.

Are you trying to quit smoking or give up coffee? Caffeine and nicotine withdrawal can result in mood swings, anxiety, depression and irritability, headaches, poor concentration and mental lethargy or sleep disturbance, appetite changes and cravings. Oriental medicine sees the body, mind and emotions as an integrated whole. Your thoughts and feelings interact directly on your body and the state of your body directly affects your thoughts and feelings. So by treating your body you can release your stress and prevent many of its consequences. Treatments can also greatly support you as you release your addiction to caffeine and nicotine.

Each emotion that we feel has a specific impact on the nature of the energy that flows through our body. Anger makes energy rise; we often see angry cartoon characters with steam coming out of their ears and know exactly how they feel. Worry knots the energy and affects the digestion; it’s hard to nourish yourself with a knot in your stomach. Sadness dissolves energy and affects the lungs; we are often unable to breathe deeply or take in anything new and fresh when we are mourning for that which has passed. Fear makes energy descend; you can’t think straight when there is no energy in your head and you feel as though your very foundation has been rocked. Excessive excitement over stimulates the heart and it is only when the heart is calm that we are able to relax enough to sleep deeply and restore our senses.

Transformational Acupuncture treatments are a great addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine and excellent for treating anxiety, depression and other emotional imbalances. Working at the level of the chakras can address the complex imbalances that occur at the emotional level in order to heal at the physical level.

These treatments are also wonderful for helping you move on and move forward when going through grief or divorce.

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