What Tania can do for you

Once Tania has made a diagnosis she may create a Chinese herbal formula specifically tailored to your condition that can be easily modified as your condition changes and improves. These formulae are effective, safe, non addictive and are easy and convenient to use for both adults and children. For acute conditions the herbs may be taken three or four  times per day for one to two weeks, more chronic conditions may require the herbs to be taken twice per day for a longer period.

Tania also offers Whole Food Counselling and Dietary Advice based upon the understanding of the nature of food (warming and cooling foods, moistening and drying foods, etc) and its application to your constitution and current condition.

A little more about Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most long standing healthcare systems in the world and the number of herbs used in Oriental Medicine has steadily increased during the past two thousand years. Herbs are chosen according to their particular properties, such as taste and temperature which affects their therapeutic function and can balance the condition for which they are being used. Chinese herbs (granules, capsules or pills) used in conjunction with acupuncture can support and nourish your body or clear disease pathogens.

By taking herbs many of Tania ’s clients experience

  • restful sleep
  • stronger digestion
  • relief from skin conditions and circulation problems
  • boosted immunity
  • clearing of colds and flu and chronic cough
  • reduced stress and anxiety and enhanced emotional well being
  • minimal PMS and menstrual pain
  • enhanced fertility and ease through menopause
  • pre and post natal support
  • alleviated aches and pains
  • as well as treatment for a wide range of other conditions in both adults and children.

A little more about Diet

Food is a more gentle form of medicine than herbal supplements but can still greatly influence the progress of treatment. Improper eating habits can worsen your condition, however, with so many conflicting ideas about what constitutes a healthy diet it is often easy to become confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat. What is a wholefood counsellor?

Tania has written many articles and offers workshops exploring the concept of food as medicine for detoxing, weight loss and energy boosting. Tania featured in Marie Claire magazine in Jan 2016 and teaches Chinese Dietetics at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Tania also believes that being well hydrated  is an important aspect of great health and recommends Zazen Alkaline Water. Staying hydrated is not just about drinking enough water throughout the day it’s also about the quality of the water you drink. The Zazen system not only takes out the nasties  (cleaned of toxins, bad bacteria and chemicals) but it is also mineral and electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, and naturally energised for better cellular hydration. Contact us for more information.