Looking for natural remedies for adrenal exhaustion?

Natural remedies for adrenal exhaustion include acupuncture and Chinese herbs. According to Oriental Medicine your ‘Kidney’ energy is the most important storehouse of energy. It is the root of all yin (cooling energy) and yang (warming energy) within your body and your foundation for a healthy, vital life and for graceful longevity. As you grow older your energy naturally declines and this begins to impact on your health. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with healthy food, plenty of sleep and good stress management will help preserve your core energy.

A little more about Kidney & Bladder Health

Your kidneys filter the toxins and wastes from your body and expel them in the form of urine by way of your bladder. In performing this function they influence the fluid balance, acid-alkaline (pH) balance and mineral balance in your blood. They also play an important role in stimulating red blood cell production within your marrow, blood pressure regulation and vitamin D metabolism, which is now recognized as essential to a myriad of body functions such as immune and cognitive function, healthy fertility, weight regulation, and of course, affects calcium metabolism and bone health.

The kidney organ system of Oriental medicine includes the adrenal glands and what the Chinese refer to as the external kidneys, the testicles in males and the ovaries in women. As such the health of your Kidneys is also reflected in your reproductive health and sexual vitality.

Oriental medicine considers the brain to be the ‘Sea of marrow’ so thought, memory and concentration can be linked to your Kidney energy. As can the source of your will, your will to be and your will to create. If your foundational energy is depleted it can lead to fears, doubts and insecurity.

Your Kidney energy is particularly vulnerable to exhaustion or adrenal fatigue. Factors such as a fast paced lifestyle including overwork, excessive exercise, poor food and fluid intake, multiple pregnancies, chronic illness, stress, insufficient sleep, excessive use of drugs, alcohol and caffeine will deplete your kidney essence before its time.

As winter is the season related to the Kidney energy then engaging in a course of holistic treatments each winter to supplement any declining energy and replenish your reserves is a great way to promote and sustain good health and minimise disease for another year of healthy ageing.

If you want a natural remedy for adrenal exhaustion then give acupuncture a try.

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