Tania is passionate about sharing her knowledge and inspiring people to achieve great health and well being so she  offers health and wellness seminars in and around Sydney as well as webinars  that you can access anywhere at any time.

These empowering events help you develop the tools to be better able to look after your own and your family’s health and well being.

If you are a practitioner you can come along, refresh your knowledge, gain CPE points and expand your repertoire of tools to communicate more effectively with your clients about how diet and lifestyle affects health.

Whether you are a practitioner or you are seeing a practitioner by applying the ideas which Tania has devised, over 15 years of clinical practice, past participants have found they achieve better long term health outcomes.

Events cover

  • Losing weight in a safe, healthy and sustainable way
  • Understanding the medicinal nature of food
  • Detoxing safely and easily
  • Gaining insight into the mental and emotional links to disease
  • Thriving in times of stress by ‘re-syncing’ with your body clock

Tania is available to give seminars to your local group be it small or big, corporate or private, or at your local clinic on a day and time that suits you.

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Food As Medicine

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You are what you eat and this is true at all levels of consumption.

Would you like to know how to loose weight easily and naturally while gaining energy and nourishing your whole family?
Do you know which foods are most beneficial for each season?
Would you like some simple daily practices to help you look younger and feel fantastic?

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The 5 keys to Digestion
  • What detoxing is and why it is important
  • Discover foods to help you detox naturally while nourishing your body and avoiding expensive, challenging diets  
  • Learn how to loose weight with just a few simple changes
  • Alkalise your body after a big night out
  • Why the “Healthy Food Pyramid” might not suit your body type
  • Simple home recipes for constipation, fluid retention & more
  • Learn simple and fun self massage and skin brushing techniques to keep your lymphatic system strong and your body healthy
  • Explore ways to detox from your day, mentally and emotionally
  • Learn how to cleanse the energy of your home

“Medicine and food are of the same source”, says the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (the Neijing 300BC).

Come along, bring your friends, and learn simple, effective tips to get you and your family eating healthily again, lose weight and feel fantastic.
Only $150 for a day packed full of great info and healthy, balanced recipe ideas.
Held in Sydney’s eastern suburbs
Spaces are limited so please  book online  today to reserve your place.


Mind Body Connection

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You’ve heard of the mind body connection but do you know how it works?
Your emotions, which are simply energy in motion, are your body’s way of chatting to you and letting you know what is really going on in your world and when you don’t listen then your body speaks more loudly in the form of illness and disease. When you are feeling stressed this is a reflection of your internal resistance to the flow of life around you.

Come and learn about the Chinese 5 Elements and 5 Emotions and discover how the energies of thought, feeling and belief flow through you body and impact upon your health and well being.   Find out what your anger or sadness, your worry or fear is really trying to tell you and how each of these emotions can transform into specific illness when you don’t listen. Thriving in times of stress is not so much about how to manage the stresses in your life as it is about how to look after yourself on a daily basis so that you are less likely to become stressed in the first place.

Have you ever wondered why you feel certain ways at particular times of the day? Your body is so finely tuned into a circadian rhythm that there are times of the day when it is better to eat, sleep and be productive. The first step toward change is awareness, so come and learn how your body clock also affects your well-being.

Learn a simple meditation technique to positively channel your emotional energy and learn how to listen to your body’s wisdoms.

Come along, bring your friends, and gain insight into how every aspect of your life is interconnected. Learn to ‘re-sync your life’ to live in harmony with it’s natural flow and watch your stress melt away.
Only $150 for a full day of inspiration, health education and FUN!
Held in Sydney’s eastern suburbs
Spaces are limited so please  book online  today to reserve your place.


  Invest in your well being with a package deal:

  1. Repeat a workshop for 1/2 price
  2. Attend both seminars for only $270, save $30
  3. If you are you serious about losing weight for only $999 (save $187) you can:
    • Attend both workshops
    • Attend 10 acupuncture sessions
    • Receive 1 free bottle of weight loss herbs


Tania is currently a contract academic teaching at Endeavour College of Natural Health.
Over the years Tania has also taught at: