We started the year of the Yang Water Tiger on Feb 1, 2022 and I would like to wish you all happiness and prosperity for the year ahead – Gong hei fat choy / Gōng xǐ fā cái.

To make the most of this year, and achieve a level of happiness and prosperity, we need to understand what it means to be in a yang year with a water tiger roaming through our life.

Yang is described as the sunny side of the mountain and is a warming, active energy. As this is a yang year and the Tiger is quite a yang animal you should be able to tap into plenty of energy this year. In 2022 we should have all the energy we need to flow and grow, onward and upward so we can shine our light brightly in the world.

In relation to the 5 phases of Chinese medicine (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) this year is a combination of water and wood. 2022 flows with the energy of water while the Tiger roars with the energy of wood. This is a very supportive energy as water nourishes wood.

Wood corresponds with the energy of spring so 2022 is going to be all about change and growth and to do that we need to make bold choices in life. The wood energy also corresponds with the Liver and Gallbladder in Chinese medicine and with the acts of planning, organising and strategizing. We spent the year of the rat birthing this new 12 year cycle and the year of the ox tilling the soil so now it is time to plan how we are going to grow and blossom over the next few years.

The energy of water is about going with the flow and accepting change, it carries the energy of winter which is a time to go within and reflect and put more trust in our instincts, our inner wisdom. The water energy corresponds with the Kidneys/Adrenals and Bladder in Chinese medicine and with the emotion of fear. If water and wood become imbalanced your fears might overwhelm your plans to grow, creating inaction and there is nothing wood dislikes more than inaction. This year it is going to be especially important to keep moving, physically as well as emotionally, so be sure to get into a good, regular exercise routine.

From a health perspective it will be important to look after your Liver and your adrenals this year. This means going to bed at a reasonable hour and making sure you give yourself enough time to sleep and recharge so you can power through the year. If you struggle with sleep, as your mind races with all you wish to accomplish, then consider some acupuncture to help you relax and sleep deeply.  If you  are doing too much be sure to stop and take a breath, or ten, especially before you sit down to a meal as stress tends to have a big impact on digestion. If your digestive system needs support then acupuncture can help.

Remember that life needs to have a balance between doing (wood) and being (water), in fact we can often be far more productive when we have given ourselves some space to stop and reflect calmly. Have you ever watched a cat carefully stalk its prey? It does this with absolute patience knowing just when to make it’s move and when to wait. This is the sort of balance we need to cultivate in this year of the Tiger. Listen to your intuition (water) and pay attention to when it is time to stop and when it is time to move forward grow. Have a glorious year filled with happiness and prosperity.

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