How to transform your life with Transformational Acupuncture

The festive season has arrived and stress levels are on the rise. This is often due to the unrealistic expectations we have around family and friends, work and finances at this time of year together with the chaotic energy we encounter every time we go shopping and the craziness on the roads. The power [...]

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Lower your blood pressure in 2 easy steps

Do you know if your blood pressure is too high, or too low or is it just right? It is often hard to tell as there as there are no specific symptoms to watch out for. Blood pressure is a measure of the amount of force exerted on your artery walls by your heart [...]

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Heart Health for Summer Joy

This year the summer solstice is on December  22nd and this is a wonderful time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within others. Since this is the day with the most daylight hours it is a great time to contemplate our inner light as well as looking beyond the surface and seeing [...]

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Mental Health Matters

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues worldwide. Just as anxiety tends to disrupt routines, getting into a routine can lower anxiety. Routines allow us to be more efficient, to spend less time thinking or worrying about what needs to be done and more time just doing it. This [...]

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How winter wisdom can help you improve your health

The winter solstice is usually around June 21st each year in the southern hemisphere. This is the shortest day of the year after which the days once again grow slowly longer. Arriving at the solstice can be like coming to the dark night of the soul where we reach our darkest point and from [...]

Treat Men’s Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine

Men's attitudes towards health and health services are different to those of women which is why occasions like Movember have been created.   Looking at the clients I have treated in clinic this year only a little over a quarter of them were men. So I would like to call upon the women of the [...]

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Flow Well, Stress Less

Stress is defined as an internal resistance to an external force. As such, stress is actually about the relationship between you (your inner issues) and the world around you (external events). When you resist the flow of the moment, rather than going with it, your body responds with an increase in adrenaline and a [...]

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6 easy ways to overcome adrenal fatigue

Winter corresponds, in Chinese medicine, with the element of water and the Kidney and Bladder organs. It is a time to rest a little after all the activities of the preceding seasons and rebuild your reserves. If you don’t allow your body to rest and rebuild but continue with prolonged periods of overwork, stress, [...]

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How to sleep peacefully all night

Insomnia is not a disease but a symptom, a sign that something is not right and needs to be addressed. That something might be stress or jet lag, changes in your sleeping environment, an illness or too many stimulants. The more concerned you are about how much sleep you are getting or how well [...]

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Don’t Stress, Oriental Medicine can help

HSC, TAFE, College and Uni exams, Driving tests, Report Deadlines - Everywhere you turn it seems you or your   children are being called to action and some of us just don’t perform well under pressure. Don’t mention the word exam and you can answer any question, and without a deadline the report almost writes [...]

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