The festive season has arrived and stress levels are on the rise. This is often due to the unrealistic expectations we have around family and friends, work and finances at this time of year together with the chaotic energy we encounter every time we go shopping and the craziness on the roads.

The power of acupuncture is in harmonising and strengthening your body to both help you relax and stay well, as well as helping you release stress and heal from illness. It regulates your nervous system and can help you switch out of flight and fight (sympathetic nervous system) and into rest and recuperate (parasympathetic nervous system).

Illness can be considered to be a reflection not only of your diet and lifestyle but also of your emotional state which is caused by your thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings, from a Chinese medical perspective, correspond to different organ systems and therefore can affect the health of those organs if left unchecked. So for example people who tend to worry a lot invariably have digestive problems, anger affects your liver, fear your kidneys and sadness your lungs. This, of course, is just a brief and simplified example of how things can work.

Another way of looking at energy in the body is through the chakra system. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel or disk and refers to vortices of energy throughout your body where matter and consciousness meet. Each of the seven main chakras corresponds with our major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being.

By integrating the chakra concept with the Chinese medicine understanding of the body a very powerful form of acupuncture called Transformational Acupuncture was developed. This style of treatment works not only on balancing and aligning each of your chakras but also on awakening and expanding your spiritual centre, your heart. These treatments are excellent for addressing anxiety, depression and other emotional imbalances. It can also deepen your meditation and help you better tune into yourself.

There are three levels of treatment in Transformational Acupuncture.

  1. Harmonising the flow of energy through your body so you can be grounded and centred and connect with your highest self.
  2. Balancing your chakras which will help you let go of the tensions within your body that are associated with those stressful thoughts and feelings you are struggling with.
  3. The most transforming level helps you set up new intentions from which to move forward in life as you understand and realise your highest potential.

The table below is a brief look at the correspondences between the chakras and one of the foundational principles of Chinese medicine, the 5 Elements. To understand more about the chakras themselves have a look here.



Chinese Element / Organ / Emotion

 Base Chakra
(At the base of your spine)

I am

Metal (holding on for security)
Water (adrenals – fight and flight, procreation)
Wood (tribal energy, family)
Fire (sexuality and sensuality)
Earth (earthly possessions, setting down roots)
 Sacral Chakra
(In your lower belly)

I feel

Water / Kidney & Bladder / Fear
Creative energy – reproduction, relationships
Balancing inner feminine (yin) and masculine (yang)
Money and moving from poverty to prosperity consciousness
 Solar Plexus Chakra
(Below your diaphragm)

I do

Wood / Liver & Gallbladder / Anger
Our purpose or direction in lifeEarth / Spleen & Stomach / Worry
Personal power – Being an individual while celebrating our connection with humanity
 Heart Chakra
(At your heart)

I love

Fire / Heart / Joy
Are you living your passion?
Creating a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by people you love and who love you
 Throat Chakra
(At your throat)

I speak

Metal /Lung & Large Intestine / Sadness, disappointment, grief
Communication, speaking your truth, self-talk and communication with others
Listening and Hearing
 Brow Chakra
(Between your eyes) 

I see

Wood / Liver & Gallbladder / Anger
Insight, foresight, intuition, introspection
Envision the future – Clarity around our purpose
 Crown Chakra
(At the vertex of your head)

I understand

Metal (integrity)
Water (wisdom)
Wood (benevolence)
Fire (love)
Earth (trust)

So if you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, or wish to clear the blocks to wonderful new intentions for the new year give then book an appointment today, give Transformational Acupuncture a try and transform your life.

Your feedback and questions are always welcome so please leave a comment below.

For further information on Chinese Medicine contact Tania Grasseschi (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Qigong and Wholefood counselling). Tania is an AHPRA registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine located in Katoomba, NSW and has spent 6 years lecturing at the Endeavour College of Natural Health Sydney campus.

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