Spring and Autumn, the transitional seasons, are a great time for detoxifying and cleansing your body of the harmful impurities that have collected in your organs and tissues over the past months or years. Seasonal cleansing offers an important chance to decide what you want to let go of in pursuit of greater health and wellbeing.

In Chinese Medicine, spring is related to the Wood element and to the Liver and Gallbladder organs. The primary focus of the spring cleanse then is the Liver as it is the organ which does the most work during a detox. It takes toxins out of the bloodstream and helps you body excrete them.

As you detox, however, you also need to make sure that the rest of your body is well supported as toxins are excreted by your sweat, breath, urine, and bowels, as well as with emotional, psychological and spiritual release.

The goal of a spring cleanse is to clear away any stagnation left over from winter, lighten up your system, and make yourself more vibrant and focused in preparation for summer fun. A detox is essentially about refocusing your mind, body and palate on healthy, tasty and nutritious food to:

  • lower the number of chemicals being ingested
  • provide nutrients that enhance your body’s natural processes
  • support your organs of elimination in clearing toxins out of your body safely

Your body won’t release old toxins until you stop putting in new ones and make room for its natural process of cleansing and regeneration to occur. As stored toxins are broken down and released you might feel uncomfortable for a few days, this is a sign that your body is purging accumulated toxins which would have otherwise brought pain and disease. If your excretion channels are supported to function efficiently, you can successfully cleanse with few side effects.

When your body is toxic you often feel heavy and sluggish and this is can be due to a disruption in the natural flow of energy around your body. A course of Acupuncture and Herbs is a great way to support your system during a detox by

  • Reducing your appetite and cravings so you can make better food choices
  • Supporting the health of your liver as it works overtime during a detox
  • Improving bowel movements so you can better eliminate toxins
  • Encouraging better fluid metabolism so you can eliminate toxins through your kidney and bladder
  • Improving blood circulation to help eliminate toxins more quickly

Dry skin brushing can also enhance the detox process, not only by allowing the release of toxins through your skin but by moving your lymphatic system which drains and transports many waste products.

With the combination of acupuncture and change in diet your body will work more efficiently, your energy levels will be higher and you’ll have a greater sense of mental clarity.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth that can greatly benefit your body, mind and spirit. It is a time when energy rises and expands, providing movement and growth. This expansive energy helps to move things to the surface and expel some of the body’s burden of toxins, and this energy of upward growth means emotions and issues that have been stored away also have an opportunity to be released. One of the reasons you get a bit grumpy during a detox is that the Liver and Gallbladder govern the emotions of anger, frustration, and irritability.

Since spring is characterized by the strong energy of growth and change, you can align yourself with this energy by exercising, spending time in nature, and practising relaxation techniques such as meditation. Since the Liver rules the free flow of qi and your lungs are also powerful movers of toxic matter these are excellent ways to allow the new energy of spring to flow unobstructed.

For more information about the best foods to support your detox as well as simple daily practices to help you look younger and feel fantastic enjoy my Detox to Great Health webinar.

If you feel you would like support with detoxing then book an appointment today as acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help.

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