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Yang Nourishing Pumpkin & Chestnut Soup

This is a smooth, creamy and completely delectable soup that will warm you up from the inside on cold day. It has been adapted from a wonderful book called Recipes for Self-Healing by Daverick Leggett. Ingredients (for 4) 1 cup dried chestnuts, soaked over night 2 Tbsp coconut oil 2 brown onions 2 cloves [...]

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What all mums should know about self-care

Many celebrations of mothers and motherhood have occurred throughout the world over thousands of years. These days we continue the tradition by acknowledging Mother's Day to honour the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. As wonderful as it is to publicly honour our mothers on [...]

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Immune Boosting Porridge

This healthy fusion of Chinese herbs and good old fashioned porridge has been adapted from a wonderful cook book called Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen. It is a wonderful way to introduce warmer breakfasts into your diet as the autumn weather cools down. Autumn is also the ideal time to start boosting your immunity before the [...]

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Relieve pain down under once and for all

Pain down under may be experienced as itching or burning, pain with intimacy or you may even feel uncomfortable just walking around. This may be one of the issues you encounter as you enter menopause as the heat of hot flushes and night sweats can be a contributing factor, however, you don’t have to [...]

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5 great tips for managing hay fever this spring

Spring is upon us with the equinox due around September 21st. For many this marks the beginning of hay fever season and an unpleasant time ahead. As well as the arrival of spring, increasing pollution and chemicals in our environment is leading to a rise in the number of people who suffer various forms [...]

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How healthy is your bowel?

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and according to Bowel Cancer Australia it is the second most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia affecting both men and women almost equally and is Australia's second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer. They also state that "it is estimated that changes in diet and physical [...]

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Your health in the Year of the Monkey

Feb 8, 2016 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yang Red Fire Monkey. The Monkey is a strong Metal energy so this year will feel autumnal. There will be a sense of turning inwards and letting go and, according to Chinese medicine, metal governs organization, communication, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. Yang [...]

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How to Alkalise for Great Health – Part III

People often ask for an easy detox you can do between Christmas and New Year so that you are bursting with energy for all that the new year has to offer. Try to find at least 10 days around this time when you can do the following and you’ll feel fantastic Swap out acidic red [...]

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How to Alkalize for Great Health – Part II

Part I of this topic was written many years ago and recently reposted because of the interest in this topic by Marie Claire Australia. I thought I would take the opportunity of Festive season indulgences to expand upon the idea of how you could start 2016 feeling fantastic.   The bottom line is that it  is important [...]

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Heart Health for Summer Joy

This year the summer solstice is on December  22nd and this is a wonderful time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within others. Since this is the day with the most daylight hours it is a great time to contemplate our inner light as well as looking beyond the surface and seeing the [...]

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