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Relieve pain down under once and for all

Pain down under may be experienced as itching or burning, pain with intimacy or you may even feel uncomfortable just walking around. This may be one of the issues you encounter as you enter menopause as the heat of hot flushes and night sweats can be a contributing factor, however, you don’t have to [...]

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Your health in the Year of the Monkey

Feb 8, 2016 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yang Red Fire Monkey. The Monkey is a strong Metal energy so this year will feel autumnal. There will be a sense of turning inwards and letting go and, according to Chinese medicine, metal governs organization, communication, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. [...]

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SKIN HEALTH – inner and outer beauty

Skin problems reflect a deeper underlying imbalance within your body as well as problems at the surface of your body. According to Chinese medicine, when a chronic condition has settled in your skin, it is an indication that your general health has been compromised for quite some time so be patient as you work [...]

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