Evidence Based Practice a Holistic Approach to Health

Evidence-based medicine is constantly being cited as the best way to treat health problems so Acupuncture is often rejected as an option for treatment as it is claimed that there is not enough evidence to support it. Yet various articles popping up in the media (see here for one example) indicate that only 1/3 [...]

How Chinese medicine can support your fertility

Women's health is a huge area and the holistic approach of Chinese medicine may help with many aspects of it including menstrual issues and fertility, pregnancy and post birth support, as well as menopause relief. As we are in the season of Easter, which is named after Eostre the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, and [...]

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Your Health in the Year of the Horse

Jan 31, 2014 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse. The horse is fundamentally a fire creature, so this year the elements of Wood and Fire will be highlighted. Wood and Fire relate primarily to the Liver and Heart in Chinese Medicine. So how can you best look after your health [...]

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What everyone should know about the cycles of Life

Living in harmony with the four seasons is one of the best ways to nourish yourself. With the arrival of Spring we see a blossoming of new life, an awakening after the quiet of winter. Spring is the beginning of a new cycle; a seasonal cycle within which we see reflected aspects of our [...]

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