Women’s health is a huge area and the holistic approach of Chinese medicine may help with many aspects of it including menstrual issues and fertility, pregnancy and post birth support, as well as menopause relief.

As we are in the season of Easter, which is named after Eostre the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, and as the egg has been a symbol of fertility and immortality since the earliest of times I will take this opportunity to focus on fertility.

Women who come to my clinic for fertility treatments are either thinking about trying to conceive, they have been trying for some time without success or they are in the process of IVF treatments. The best time, however, for both potential parents to consider treatments of any description is when you are both ready to begin trying to conceive as healthy couples have a much greater chance of producing healthy babies. Preconception care using the holistic approach of Chinese medicine has the potential to address many different menstrual problems for women as well as the potential to support male reproductive function. Whether your periods are textbook perfect, are very irregular or you have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome the holistic approach to health that Chinese medicine offers can support you on your journey to pregnancy, both natural and IVF, feeling great during your pregnancy and assist you in pre-labour preparation.

Whether you are just about to start trying or have been trying for some time the first thing I will get you to do is to start tracking your basal body temperature, so taking your temperature as soon as you wake up in the morning, as it is a great way to determine what your hormones are doing and, from a Chinese medicine perspective, the state of your yin and your yang. In Chinese medicine, everything ultimately boils down to yin and yang. Yin is cool, calm, and moistening and yang is warm, active, and drying and if either of these is out of balance there may be too much heat or cold in your body, you may be too dry or too damp internally or you may be so stressed that your body is in no position to receive and nurture a new little soul. All of these aspects of yin and yang can be rebalanced with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs as well as with some dietary and lifestyle changes.

Everybody is different so there is no one perfect tip or trick to share with you about how to fall pregnant other than for you to remember that what you are doing is inviting a little soul in to share your life and share your love. Nurturing and loving yourself is a great first step toward creating another life to love and nurture. So make an appointment today with your local Chinese medicine practitioner and take another step towards your dream of having a baby.

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