Job’s tears porridge

Porridge is a great warming way to start the day but sometime you need a break from oats. Did you know that you can make porridge out of any grain you like - you can make Kasha (buckwheat porridge), rice porridge, millet porridge, quinoa porridge, teff porridge etc. Job's tears also makes a delicious [...]

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Tonifying Herbal Pear Soup

Autumn has arrived and the weather is cooling down. I love driving up to my clinic in the mountains and seeing the trees ablaze in reds and golds. Autumn is the season when we need to be looking after our lungs and supporting our immunity before the winter cold and flu season begins and [...]

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Nightshade free pasta sauce

I have Italian heritage so was raised on wonderful tomato-based pasta sauces that my nonna used to make. Unfortunately, I also grew up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I was fortunate to discover, in my 20's, that nightshades were a big contributing factor to the aches and pains that I suffered. In giving up nightshades I [...]

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What everyone should know about the wonders of Kudzu root

I love Kudzu! Kudzu root, also known as Japanese arrowroot, Ge Gen or Pueraria radix is a herb I always have in my kitchen cupboard as well as in my dispensary cupboard. Not only is it very starchy so it can be used as a thickener in cooking but it has wonderful medicinal qualities [...]

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Healthy, Delicious Christmas Cake

December has arrived and now is the time to start thinking about Christmas fare, especially if you want to soak your fruit for a week or two for the best Christmas cake ever! I found this recipe at Russell's Health Food store in Glebe many, many years ago and it has been a favourite [...]

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Warming golden turmeric milk

Golden turmeric milk is an infusion of turmeric and other delicious warming spices in a milk of your choice. It's easy to prepare, tastes great and has some wonderful health benefits. I'm not big on promoting super foods as I believe all foods have medicinal properties and the ingredients of this tea are no [...]

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Yang Nourishing Pumpkin & Chestnut Soup

This is a smooth, creamy and completely delectable soup that will warm you up from the inside on cold day. It has been adapted from a wonderful book called Recipes for Self-Healing by Daverick Leggett. Ingredients (for 4) 1 cup dried chestnuts, soaked over night 2 Tbsp coconut oil 2 brown onions 2 cloves [...]

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Immune Supporting Porridge

This healthy fusion of Chinese herbs and good old fashioned porridge has been adapted from a wonderful cook book called Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen. It is a wonderful way to introduce warmer breakfasts into your diet as the autumn weather cools down. Autumn is also the ideal time to start supporting your immunity before the [...]

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How to make warming, nourishing congees

Congee is basically a slow cooked rice porridge whose therapeutic qualities can be altered depending on what other ingredients are added. Generally, rice congee is a digestive enhancer and improves assimilation. The basic rice congee is easy to digest and is as much a great first food for babies (if made with organic white [...]

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