Relieve pain down under once and for all

Pain down under may be experienced as itching or burning, pain with intimacy or you may even feel uncomfortable just walking around. This may be one of the issues you encounter as you enter menopause as the heat of hot flushes and night sweats can be a contributing factor, however, you don’t have to [...]

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The Secret to turning MenoPause into a New Beginning

With summer coming and hot weather predicted many women I know are not looking forward to a season of hot flushes and night sweats. More and more studies, however, are showing that acupuncture reduces hot flushes and night sweats during menopause In today’s society, one that worships youth, turning 50 is often seen as [...]

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What everyone should know about the cycles of Life

Living in harmony with the four seasons is one of the best ways to nourish yourself. With the arrival of Spring we see a blossoming of new life, an awakening after the quiet of winter. Spring is the beginning of a new cycle; a seasonal cycle within which we see reflected aspects of our [...]

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