What everyone should know about the wonders of Kudzu root

I love Kudzu! Kudzu root, also known as Japanese arrowroot, Ge Gen or Pueraria radix is a herb I always have in my kitchen cupboard as well as in my dispensary cupboard. Not only is it very starchy so it can be used as a thickener in cooking but it has wonderful medicinal qualities [...]

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How to Alkalise for Great Health – Part III

People often ask for an easy detox you can do between Christmas and New Year so that you are bursting with energy for all that the new year has to offer. Try to find at least 10 days around this time, or at any time in spring and autumn, when you can do the [...]

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How to Alkalize for Great Health – Part II

Part I of this topic was written many years ago and recently reposted because of the interest in this topic by Marie Claire Australia. I thought I would take the opportunity of Festive season indulgences to expand upon the idea of how you could start the new year feeling fantastic.   The bottom line is [...]

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